April, 2014


Maquilapolis (2006)

Maquilapolis is a documentary film directed by Vicky Funari and Sergio de la Torre. It depicts the working environment in Mexico explicitly to the audience. The laborers are mostly women who worked in the assembly factories in Tijuana, and these factory workers are referred to as the maquiladoras. The filmmakers exposed these multinational factories that came to Mexico for cheap labor. Many women are interviewed during this film but we are focused on the story of two women and their lives. One of them was Carmen; who worked hard for herRead More


Bhopali is a documentary directed by Max Carlson that portrays one of the world’s worst catastrophes struck in Bhopal, India. It was the early morning of December 3rd 1984 when a pesticide plant which leaked methyl iso-cyanate gas that covered the entire city within just a few seconds. This plant was owned by the Union Carbide Corporation factory. At least, 10,000 people died within the few hours of the disaster due to exposure of this lethal gas. Most effects started with rigorous coughing, vomiting, eye irritation and loss of breath.Read More

Why Girls?

In my motherland, When a boy is born Father feels blessed When a girl is born Mother is oppressed. From the beginning… A girl is viewed as a burden She’s denied the rights to education She is married off soon And the in law become her final destination. Father fears about her high cost marriage All thanks to the dowry system (giving bride price) That would leave him in debt and nearly perished. This young teenager, Would be handed to a stranger She’d be dragged and forced Beaten and abused, By her in-laws and spouse. She’d be treatedRead More

Forever Mine

I wish to be yours forever, my love, I want to be found, as you need me whenever, my love. You’re the center of my joy, there is nothing above, I wish to firmly hold your hand, my love. I need you like the poet need his pen, even if it’s tough, I crave to lay down beside you, my love. Just a glimpse of your face speaks so much without words, There’s nothing I desire more than you, my love.  

Mother Tree

I’ve found myself gazing constantly outside the window Glancing at the White Oak tree as the winds blow She stands there proudly lifting her head high The broad stems and lengthy branches Barreling up to the sky. What a view! I murmur to myself Her gray brown bark and crusty ridges Holds itself outright In all the circumstances. Her branches are shapely and straight The leaves are rich green While the bottom has gray shades. As I touch her, I can feel the leathery leaves in my hand She glistensRead More