Wednesday, May 28th, 2014


The One I Desire to Be

I’m happy that I’ve met you When I started college I looked forward to your class I enjoyed every lesson you taught I’m grateful for your wisdom For the teacher that you are Very smart and interesting And you rock the color black Someday, I want to walk, talk and look beautiful just like you!     Dedicated to My English Professor- BMCC

Not An Ordinary Woman

I once met a great woman Who was my teacher She was like no other Never wore leather shoes, or gray flannel outfits A cool girl, Crazed fan of Angelina Jolie Loved the color black and Listened to hip-hop and rap. She was beyond typical, Got discounts around campus For having a student image, Didn’t care about being formal. She was inspirational Her efforts proved her potential I once met a great Professor  Her teachings: I will always remember.  

The Place to Be

America— the Land of Opportunities Where you are granted with freedom You could be anything you desire The potion of success is dedication America leads the world in higher education. If you wish to educate yourself, please do Because government pays your tuition And you may get some money back too. When you fall sick, Don’t you worry about the costly doctor visits Government manages all your healthcare needs. If your stomach craves for food and you don’t have money You may qualify for food stamps too And You won’t have to payRead More