June, 2014


When the Emperor is Divine

When the Emperor was Divine by Julie Otsuka is a story about a Japanese American family who is ordered to evacuate their house and move to an internment camp. Japanese Americans during World War II, who lived in Washington, California and other parts of Arizona, were sent to these detention camps in secluded areas of the United Sates. More than fifty percent of these Japanese were U.S. citizens and their crime was that they belonged to a Japanese Ancestry. The story depicts the experiences of a family who are sidetrackedRead More

Brothers and Sisters

Alice Walker’s essay Brothers and Sisters is about the obstacles a woman has to face. It immediately caught my attention when i first read it. This is a very tragic and realistic narrative. The essay clearly addresses feminism and sexism, revealing the aspects of how women are considered to be the weaker sex and men doing things according to their will. This piece of writing is a demonstration of women struggle for equality. The narrative takes place in the South during the fifties. Walker has five brothers and two sisters includingRead More

Dreams From My Father

Dreams from My Father explore all the aspects of Obama’s life in relation to the African American literary tradition and to the context of history and culture. The book give us an image of Africa and Obama’s continuing search for himself as a black American. He struggles between race and identity. Though, he realizes that he belonged to neither places and he becomes more comprehensible about himself. Obama raises many important issues that are convoluted and has no simple solutions. He later asks three questions in the book, “what is ourRead More

The Bat-Poet

The Bat-Poet by Randall Jarrell is a story of a brown bat that stays awake during the day and discovers more of the world than his fellow bats. The book explores the development of a poet. The story begins on a porch where the bats currently lived and then they all begin to move to the barn. The little bat refuses to move and stays in the porch. He recognizes that it’s fun to be different as well as interesting. Though, the bat constantly has to encounter social conflict between theRead More