July, 2014


Fahrenheit 451

This is an interesting novel written by Ray Bradbury where he tells the story of a visionary world. A very different world from our own, which doesn’t have a space for books or education. The only thing that matters in this modern world is disregarding reality by embracing technology and entertainment. The television replaces the books, family time, friends hang out and any sort of real conversation between groups of people. The technology is represented as a means of oppression which the government use to prevent people from individual thinking or group conversation. The television has turned people intoRead More

Israel/Palestine Conflict

A Closer Look At The Problem: The conflict between Israel and Palestine is a regional one. Throughout the years, the conflict has turned aggressive and controversial. A little bit of history: Long before 1948, Palestine was bounded by the Jordan River, Egypt, the Mediterranean Sea, Syria, and Lebanon. Palestine was only a 10,000 square mile area of land. It was home-like for both Jews and Arabs. When the Ottoman Empire had collapsed, Jews and the native Arabs both began to claim the rights of the land. The Jews believed thatRead More

Stop and Frisk

Have you ever been stopped by a police officer while walking down the street? Did they ever pat you down for anything illegal because they were suspicious? Surprisingly, they’re allowed to do that because it is a law in New York City called the stop and frisk search. The bigger issue is the overall effect it has on young generation and the communities in which they reside in. This is in conflict with the fourth amendment of the U.S. constitution which protects citizens against unreasonable searches and seizures. Therefore, thisRead More