March, 2015


My Take On Life

Life—is a lengthy battle Filled with hardships and struggle A never ending trouble That is unbearable When it’s out of control We shout, we pray, we cry, Or we just hold it inside But we are all so strong We know how to fight That’s why we always find escape from life.  

The New Jim Crow: Chapter 4 Analysis

A brief flashback of the Jim Crow Era: “Jim Crow” was a ridiculing phrase for a black man. It was a system that enforced segregation and discriminatory laws, prohibiting blacks from being equivalent to whites. Such rules were influenced by the ideas of White Supremacy. The U.S. Supreme Court actually helped maintain these laws. “Today a criminal freed from prison has scarcely more rights, and arguably less respect, than a freed slave or a black person living ‘free’ in Mississippi at the height of Jim Crow.” -Michelle Alexander During Jim Crow,Read More