January, 2018


Quotes All The Way!

Sometimes the wrong people teaches you the right meaning of life.   To let go is so hard, but to hold on to something dead is much harder.   A person who has been hurt deeply often weep discreetly.   Crying makes you stronger than you think, It makes you get over the things you’ve once cried for.   Shed some tears, drink some beers and forget all the fears.   Sadness is a process that makes you appreciate the happiness approaching ahead.   When you leave everything up toRead More

I Know I Can’t Change the Way I Look. But Maybe, Just Maybe, People Can Change the Way They See.

We’re All Wonders written by R.J Palacio is about a little boy named Auggie, who was born with a form of facial abnormality.  The story is narrated in the first person point of view so we get to see the world from his perspective. Auggie realizes that he’s different than the other kids his age because of the way he looks. But he also knows that everything he does is completely ordinary. For example, he loves to play ball, ride his bike, eat ice cream and take his dog for a walk justRead More