Empower Yourself


Until I Met You!

There once was a girl Who was full of sparkles Added good vibes, To everyone’s lives. She aimed for high And wanted to touch the sky.   There once was a girl Who was committed to her dream, She wasn’t afraid of losing So she kept trying. She was tough Knowing that she was more than enough For anything she wanted to be.   There once was a girl, Who was told that she was determined When she asked, why? People answered, Cause you don’t need anyone by your side.Read More

Quotes All The Way!

Sometimes the wrong people teaches you the right meaning of life.   To let go is so hard, but to hold on to something dead is much harder.   A person who has been hurt deeply often weep discreetly.   Crying makes you stronger than you think, It makes you get over the things you’ve once cried for.   Shed some tears, drink some beers and forget all the fears.   Sadness is a process that makes you appreciate the happiness approaching ahead.   When you leave everything up toRead More

I Know I Can’t Change the Way I Look. But Maybe, Just Maybe, People Can Change the Way They See.

We’re All Wonders written by R.J Palacio is about a little boy named Auggie, who was born with a form of facial abnormality.  The story is narrated in the first person point of view so we get to see the world from his perspective. Auggie realizes that he’s different than the other kids his age because of the way he looks. But he also knows that everything he does is completely ordinary. For example, he loves to play ball, ride his bike, eat ice cream and take his dog for a walk justRead More

Things You Need To Know About Rikers Island

Lots and lots of horrifying, gruesome stories has been written, told and heard about this tiny Island which is called the Rikers Island. This research was executed to learn about the ins and outs of this place. This is a 400-acre Island floating between Queens and The Bronx, located in the East River across from the LaGuardia Airport. In the early 17th century, this island originally belonged to a Dutch immigrant named Abraham Riker. Abraham’s descendant Richard Riker later inherited the island in 1800’s. Photo Credit: Museum of the City of New YorkRead More

Dark Obsession

Love, It can sweep you off your feet Make you feel like you’re on cloud nine Those sweet memories never fades away   But when it’s all over You get the feeling that It was all just a dream Your meaning of love was different For him it was merely an infatuation Without any affection That’s all just nonsense An illusion you created in your head To form a better version of him   Drowned in your misery It starts confusion, you swear it’s love You think it’s happiness Well,Read More

Meet the Real Life Superman!

There are all types of superheroes that we see in television and read in comic books. Some can run faster, some can climb, but most of them has an ultimate goal to defeat super villains. The superhero that I’m talking about is a different kind, he jumped under a 370-ton train (equals to  740,000 lbs) and saved a man’s life. He’s a human being like you and me with no super power but perhaps a stronger will power. His name is Wesley Autrey, a 51-year-old construction worker who lived inRead More

Who was Daniel Shaver?

Daniel Shaver is a 26 years old Pest Control worker from Texas and a married father of two children. He was visiting Arizona for a business trip on January 2016. He stayed at a hotel in Mesa called La Quinta Inn. He was friends with two guests he met earlier in the night and was displaying his pellet (air) guns which he used for pest control job. Shaver didn’t realize that the rifle was visible through his hotel room window. It frightened people downstairs which led to informing the hotelRead More

Winter Season

What brings me delight? I’d say a cold winter night When the sky is so bright And houses filled with Christmas light. Some describe it as numb and freezing I call it a true blessing. As it gets colder It brings families together Couples more closer Creating warmth in our hearts like no other. It’s the time to appreciate For the things we have And reflect on the things we lack. Winter is finally here One of the cheerful seasons of the year.

Police Brutality and Racial Conflict in America

In the past few years, police brutality has become obvious to spot in just about any portion of the country. The problematic relationship between the African American groups and the police is deep rooted in the criminal justice system. More and more people have started to riot since 1992 Rodney King case when a black man was brutally beaten to the ground for speeding by a group of officers. People joined the protests and rallies because they all want to be treated as equals by the police, the reality hereRead More

Who are Rohingyas?

Intro: Rohingyas are Muslim minority groups that belongs to Myanmar also known as Burma. Rohingya population is an estimate of 1.3 million and 140,000 are internally displaced. And an estimate of 120,000 Rohingyas had fled from Burma to adjacent countries such as Bangladesh, Thailand, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Apparently, their ancestors have lived in Burma for centuries, but the Burmese officials does not accept the fact that Rohingya even exists. They're denied the rights to citizenship, food, shelter and education. Why? The answer concludes to fear. More than 80 percent of people follows Buddhism in Myanmar, however,Read More