Dark Obsession


It can sweep you off your feet

Make you feel like you’re on cloud nine

Those sweet memories never fades away


But when it’s all over You get the feeling that

It was all just a dream

Your meaning of love was different

For him it was merely an infatuation

Without any affection

That’s all just nonsense

An illusion you created in your head

To form a better version of him


Drowned in your misery

It starts confusion, you swear it’s love

You think it’s happiness

Well, you are wrong

Your mind feels trapped

How much better you felt when he was around

Now you twist and turn through lonely nights

You crave for his attention


Looking for ways to console your heart

You reek of desperation and chaos

Only thinking of yourself

You hear whispers of dark spells

Tempted to invite trouble

You play with danger

Yet you’re smiling

Because he’s become all yours, without a choice


Driven by madness

You’ve stripped him off his sanity

His body grows paler and colder by the minute

All trace of humanity vanishes before your eyes

Nothing but a living corpse

Wrapping him in your arms

You sigh of relief

Knowing you possess his mind, soul, and heart

Yet you’re a fool to think this was love.


Poetry Credit: Irin Begum

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