Israel/Palestine Conflict

A Closer Look At The Problem:

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is a regional one. Throughout the years, the conflict has turned aggressive and controversial. A little bit of history: Long before 1948, Palestine was bounded by the Jordan River, Egypt, the Mediterranean Sea, Syria, and Lebanon. Palestine was only a 10,000 square mile area of land. It was home-like for both Jews and Arabs. When the Ottoman Empire had collapsed, Jews and the native Arabs both began to claim the rights of the land. The Jews believed that Palestine is a prehistoric land that belongs to Israel. Also according to their Bible, the region was promised to them by God. In contrast, Palestinians believed that their sustained position as residents of the land allowed them to have the right over it. Both groups have endless conflict about who owns this region until today.

Furthermore, Jews and Christians believe in the Hebrew Bible and consider it as a “sacred text.” Therefore, they support the same idea that Palestine belongs to Jewish. The disappointment between both Israeli’s and Palestinians has resulted into decades of mass destruction. Palestinian armed forces are called Hamas. U.S. and Israel perceives Hamas actions as terrorist assaults and claims Israeli’s national defense as the basis of “aggressive military response.” Palestinians perceives Israeli military actions as state-sponsored terrorism. This way both side suffers from continues affliction.

Ultimately, the conflict spreads out globally and tensions rises in other countries. Israel receives the largest aid from U.S. both economically and politically. Palestine also receives help from other Middle Eastern countries. Now, the important question that surrounds the conflict between these two groups is, whether or not Palestine should be allowed to have their own independent state and government in the land that is currently part of Israel.

Series of violence:

The hostility has turned into a regular practice. According to an article, “since 2005, Israel has done all sorts of landscaping in Gaza, ranging from routine air strikes on missile-launch crews to two full-scale operations, including Cast Lead in 2008–a campaign that cost the lives of 1,400 Palestinians and earned Israel harsh criticisms. It’s all part of the essential problem of dealing with Gaza. We the people perceive it as “war” while Israel sees it as an “operation.”

The relationship of these two groups has grown worse after June 12, 2014 when three Jewish teenagers had gone missing in the West Bank. The search was on for two weeks and the teenagers were found dead. The search led to the arrests of Palestinian activists and bombing of their region. Israel blamed Hamas (militants of Palestinian Islamist group) for the crime since they were in control of the Gaza Strip.

In contrast, on July 1, 2014, a Palestinian teen who lived in the Arab neighborhood of Shuafat, was abducted from East Jerusalem and killed in the revenge attack. The police found his body in a forest.  Six Jewish activists were imprisoned for the crime. This sparked riots among Palestinians in East Jerusalem. And the sour relation between the two groups had become worse after the two major  incidents.

Eventually, On July 8, 2014, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) begins the operation Protective Edge in Gaza strip against Hamas. The reason behind the operation was that cities in Israel were being massively bombed by Hamas militants. According to the Israeli army’s press service, “some 90 missiles were fired on Israel from the Gaza Strip. As of early July, 450 missiles had been fired since the start of 2014.” As reported by an Israeli state radio, “over the 16 days of operation, the IDF has hit 3,300 terrorist infrastructure (buildings, roads, and power supplies) facilities from air, sea and ground in Gaza.” In contrast, Hamas has also fired about 2,300 rockets to Israel in over the 16 days.

According to The Wall Street Journal As of August 2014, a month long of Israel’s military operation has killed about 1,915 Palestinians. And about 67 people has been killed in Israel as stated by the Israeli officials. Based on NY Times, both Israel and Palestine targets one another but majority of Palestinians has been killed and injured. The death toll has been increasing day by day. Apparently, the destruction of Gaza and its people has become more deadly. The huge  number of death of Palestinian children and women has led to the worldwide awakening of human rights. People from different countries, different religion began to protest and demand the basic human rights for the Palestinians.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, states that “the actions of Israel cause serious concern over the excessive use of force.” She said Israel’s military actions in Gaza might be considered as war crimes. In a session of the UN Human Rights Council, Navi Pillay also warns radical Palestinian groups for firing rockets where civilians are resided. About  2,900 rockets are fired at Israel, though no one was killed but inured. She encourages both groups to stop killing civilians and failure of this principle can be considered as a “crime against humanity.”


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