Until I Met You!

There once was a girl

Who was full of sparkles

Added good vibes,

To everyone’s lives.

She aimed for high

And wanted to touch the sky.


There once was a girl

Who was committed to her dream,

She wasn’t afraid of losing

So she kept trying.

She was tough

Knowing that she was more than enough

For anything she wanted to be.


There once was a girl,

Who was told that she was determined

When she asked, why?

People answered,

Cause you don’t need anyone by your side.

She had no room for weaknesses,

Stayed away from emotions

As that may cause depression.


Then, one day she meets a guy

About 6 ft tall,

Dark brown hair and dreamy eyes.

He had the best smile that stole her heart,

At first sight.

She disputed with herself

But her heart said he was just right.


It’s the same girl who stood cold as ice

But in the right hands,

She melted as a crust sinking into a pie.

The love was so profound,

There was no room for doubt


Days passed..

Months passed…

Even a year has passed by….

The guy suddenly begins to change

And she wonders why?


While she tried to make things right

He found more reasons to fight

To her dismay,

At last, he walks out of her life.

She calls and texts,

He turns down and refuses to meet

At that point she begged

for his love at his feet.


When nothing worked to get him back,

She shuddered,

Despair washed over her,

And she only pondered

“Where was my fault in loving you with my whole heart?”


There once was a girl,

Whose sparkles were lost

She was drowning in the sea of sadness

That beaten her body

Left the heart aching,

And stomach empty.

She couldn’t sleep

Because of her haunted dreams

She felt guilty,

For letting emotions in.


She found no sense of belonging

Her eyes brimmed with tears,

Whenever she remembered him.

Her mind and body was suffering

But what she didn’t realize was that

This too shall pass..


It’s amazing how one wrong person

One wrong decision,

Can bring the best or worst in someone.

But I bet you can’t wait to see this girl

When she rises above all the sadness

And becomes the strongest of all.

Cause there once was a time

She has been foolish, weak and broken

And soon she will be wise, strong, and awaken

Something like no one has ever seen before.



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