Police Brutality and Racial Conflict in America

In the past few years, police brutality has become obvious to spot in just about any portion of the country. The problematic relationship between the African American groups and the police is deep rooted in the criminal justice system. More and more people have started to riot since 1992 Rodney King case when a black man was brutally beaten to the ground for speeding by a group of officers. People joined the protests and rallies because they all want to be treated as equals by the police, the reality here is that such a thing will not happen at all. The reason is quite simple, the law enforcement reforms are there but they’re not properly enforced. Police officers hold a prejudiced attitude in regards to people of a different race such as Blacks or Latinos and you can indeed see that right from the start.

Lots of black people have died because of this in the past couple of years and plenty of people are dying because of it. This includes Eric Garner who died in July 2014, Tamir Rice, Walter L Scott, and Freddie Gray and so on. These people could’ve been alive if the police would do its job instead of brutally murdering them. Alton Sterling and Philando Castille’s death (people that died just because they wanted to reach for their driver’s license) shows that the police can’t be trusted when it comes to handling Blacks. They perceive all black people as dangerous threats especially those Black men in hoodies. This is one of the many stereotypes that should disappear without a question.

According to Public Affairs Research poll, three-quarters of blacks and less than twenty percent of whites are subjected to police violence. It is obvious that this is a major racial conflict that can cost more lives of Blacks. Only because these people have different skin colors other than white does not mean their lives do not matter. Dealing with glaring injustice as this is not fair at all. Having a different skin color is what makes us unique. Black Lives Matter is a movement that tries to support the Blacks all over the world in their quest to find a better and more reliable way of getting treated equally by whites all over the world. This movement has given a voice in civil rights to the younger generation of Blacks. The poll also illustrates, more than eighty percent of Black Americans have agreed that the police makes hasty decision when it comes to using lethal force toward Black people.

So many police officers focus on their bias for black community and people which tempts them to shoot on the spot instead of actually responding to any potential threat. This is unfair, unprofessional and one of the worst things that’s happening in our modern society. According to Mapping Police Violence, at least 100 unarmed Blacks were killed by the police department in 2015 which is twice each week. It’s important to note that the youngest recorded death was 12 and the oldest one was 65. Also, keep in mind that even if a black person is killed by accidents or misjudgment such as many of the examples above, you will never see the culprits being put in the face of justice. In fact, the police department and the criminal justice system lack a public transparency and that can be very demanding to begin with.

Is this brewing a major racial conflict in the US? You can bet on that. The black people have a chance that’s four times higher to get killed on US soil when compared to the white persons.

Perhaps, the worst part here is that the police are misusing its power towards minorities. Instead of serving and protecting everyone equally, they perceive these people as different and quite often as a threat.  Not only does this create major differences in our society, but it also persuades innocent, young black men to rebellion and even violence. And that’s when tragedies such as ambush of five Dallas officers begin to occur. But who is to be blamed for this war against Blacks? How can we put a stop to this? I believe one of the ways to eliminate the problem is by having the federal government take action and institute courses that would train the police to constantly fight their prejudiced mind and keep it under control. After all, the lack of knowledge in this sector does lead to a misuse of power!

At the end of the day, each one of us has the right to live and we should be able to offer that to anyone. Every action counts and each life matters regardless of black or white person, we have the right to live. As a human being, we have a responsibility toward our black brothers and sisters. It is crucial to stand up for each other and it will definitely be the only way we can make a difference in the long run!

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